Kronaby connected watches promise 2-year battery life

We like the Samsung Gear S3 as much as the next guy, but at 3 to 4 days tops its battery life isn’t really why we’d get one. How about 2 years then?

That’s as long as a Kronaby watch should last you, according to the manufacturer’s claims. Of course the Kronaby watches aren’t strictly smartwatches – they fall in the connected watches category where you get a proper analog watch (always on, if you look at things that way), with some extra smarts.

Spanning four ranges of different designs, the Kronaby collection’s features include vibrating notifications (which you can filter through the app on your smartphone), vibrating alarm, and a vibrating reminder to get moving. There’s a step counter too, naturally.

The pushers on the right side of the watches (all models have them) can be programmed to execute a number of functions, including music control, camera remote, and geotagging – at the push of a button you can ‘Remeber this spot’.

The prices range between €345 and €595 and pre-orders are now open. Watches will start shipping on March 31.




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